"To se může stát kdekoli."

Translation:This can happen anywhere.

September 1, 2018

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I don't think that the main translation should use "This". "That can happen anywhere" would follow the 'this/that'- distinction of this course better in my opinion, even though Ngrams shows a more frequent use of the sentence with "This ...".


This is a slightly different case of "to" than "to auto" for example.

We have demonstratives, used as attributes:
"ten muž" the/that man
"ten dům" the/that house
"ta žena" the/that woman
"to auto" the/that car

"tenhle muž" this man
"tenhle dům" this house
"tahle žena" this woman
"tohle auto" this car

And we have "to je/je to" = "this is/that is/it is":
To je muž. This is a man.
To je dům. That is a house.
To je žena. This is a woman.
To je auto. It is a car.
To jsem já. This is I/This is me.
To jste vy. That is you.

They are really different beasts.

The frequency of usage clearly shows that "This is" is the most common variant and "To je" is more common than "Tohle je".


Yes, I know, but then we have comments like this one from Kacenka here, showing the opposite: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24497255

BTW how can I insert a hyperlink corresponding to a word in my comment?


That comment is obsolete. Also, that sentence is slightly different, but I will likely add TO there.

This is from all of your friends. and This is good coffee. or This can happen anywhere. are a bit different.

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"It can happen everywhere." why not accepted? Thx


Is there any difference between nekde and kdekoli?


somewhere vs anywhere


'To' would usually be translated as "That", not this. Why the exception here?


Did you read the existing discussion?


And if you did not avail yourself of the existing discussion, please tell us the reason. We are trying to figure this out so that we do not unfairly delete spam, yet keep the forums as free of it as we can.


For my part, I did read the discussion between VladaFu & Praha, but for me it held no explanatory power.

From everything that I have been exposed to so far in the course, I would expect 'to' to be 'that/it', and for 'tohle' to be used for this.


I tried to expand those existing comments.


"This can happen anywhere" vs "this could happen anywhere" - are these interchangeable or is my English just bad?

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