"Saya tidak mau naik ke atas."

Translation:I do not want to go up.

September 1, 2018

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"naik" means go up, "turun" go down, so "Saya tidak mau naik/turun" is sufficient. "ke atas", "ke bawah" are unnecessary.

Saya tidak mau naik = I do not want to go up

Saya tidak mau naik ke atas = I do not want to go up upward :D

Other examples:

maju ke depan

mundur ke belakang

create new ...


Thank you for clarifying, I was a bit confused


Thank you very much as I am confused with it


I asked the same question on HiNative.com, and got answers from three Indonesian native speakers. All of them say "it's NATURAL to be redundant". However, you can omit the verb from the original sentence "Saya tidak mau naik ke atas."



I've usually heard ...mau naik...(gunung, bukid -mountain, hill). And "atas" I've heard used to mean the floor above, or if your underwater and you want to go to the surface. So i feel like the English translation is missing the end part of the sentence.


i think you're right. the english does feel odd, like it has kind of stopped short. though i can see why it's been translated as it has. i just feel that we'd possibly say something more like, 'i don't want to go up there/ up above/ upstairs'.


Can you hear "ke"in this record?


I imagine this is something you might say having gotten on an upgoing elevator when you actually wanted to go down.

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