"Stará se o něho Žofie."

Translation:Žofie takes care of him.

September 1, 2018

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Could I also say Zofie se o nej stara


You can. The meaning of the sentence is changed though. Generally speaking, put the most emphasized thing at the end.

'Žofie se o něj STARÁ.' (as opposed to doing something else)

'Stará se o něj ŽOFIE.' (as opposed to someone else)


The sofware said "Correct !", but I have a X and the red color. I don't fight against a machine...


Something odd might be/might have been happening on the Duo system side. Yours is the second comment of this type that I've seen in just a few minutes. But there isn't anything that the course team can do to fix it, unfortunately.

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