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My Indonesian Progress After Two Weeks

Here's a short video of me speaking Indonesian after a couple weeks with a Duolingo streak.


I've been making all my skills gold and have been practicing from 10 minutes to an hour daily. Here's my tree so far.


September 1, 2018



Hey, I'll thought give you some corrections:

  1. Avoid using 'aku' when speaking to a general audience. 'Aku' comes from the lowest register of Javanese, and is considered a rough word to introduce yourself. 'Aku' is used between children, very close friends, and lovers. It signifies very close intimacy. For example, romantic couples use 'aku' and 'kamu' with each other, while friends would use 'saya' and 'kamu'. 'Saya' on the other hand, is a neutral term, that can be used to strangers and friends alike.

  2. 0:36 - 'Basi' should be 'bisa'. 'Bahasi' should be 'bahasa'. 'Spanyal' should be 'spanyol' (with an 'o' sound as the last vowel). 'Hibrani' is 'Ibrani' (without an 'h' sound).

  3. 1:09 - "Saya punya botol air". The word 'punya" is correct in an informal context, but for a general audience, it would be better to use 'mempunyai'.

  4. 1:43 - 'Cilana' should be 'celana'.

  5. 2:24 - 'Dalam' should be used when referring to doing something 'in' a language.

  6. 2:30 - 'Bahasa Yunani' is Greek, 'Bahasa Rusia' is Russian, and 'Bahasa Arab' is Arabic.

  7. 3:02 - 'Mau' is correct for an informal context, but 'ingin' would be better for a general audience.

My background: I have studied Indonesian since high school, and I am now taking advanced Indonesian at university. I am yet to visit Indonesia, but I practice speaking the language with my Indonesian friends at least once a week, outside of class.

Overall, great job! Your pronunciation isn't too bad. I've heard non-native speakers with really strong American or Australian accents in Indonesian. It was really brave of you to post a video of yourself speaking a new language. Keep going with your Indonesian studies! Great job overall! :)

A propósito, estudio castellano en universidad también, si quieres intercambiar los dos idiomas. :)


You’re making fantastic progress for only 2 weeks. Selamat! Terima satu lingot.


Your Indonesian is good, just a little too much "mm" though :)

Here are a few mistakes that I found: 1. "Namaku", you pronounced the "a" in "ma" too short

  1. "Tidak suka makanan" => "don't like food"?

  2. We don't use "di" after "menulis" & "membaca", unless we want to say the location

  3. Greek is "Yunani", "Russian" is "Rusia", "Arabic" is "Arab"

  4. I don't get what you said after "Bahasa Spanyol" around 2:45

  5. "Mau kucing yang enak?" => "Want a delicious cat?"

Anyways, semoga membantu dan tetap semangat!


Enak also means that something feels good, so a cat that is nice and soft to pat?


Hmmm....Maybe he just wants to eat the cat :-)
Learning foreign languages can have a severe impact on your state of mind.


The Google Drive link wouldn't load for me -- just kept buffering forever. I'd like to hear you! Can you suggest how to access this? (I avoid cloud-based systems for security reasons, so I don't have much experience with GDrive.) Gave you a lingot for your initiative!

I started Indonesian a couple of weeks back, because I wanted to experience a language that had no gendered pronouns (she, he). Tagalog is another non-gendered language, but not in DuoLingo, so I opted to try Indonesian. Absolutely fascinating language, works so differently from all European languages. I found this summary of what makes Indonesian special:



I just watched it and I think you're doing great.
One of the main barriers in speaking a new language is the 'fear' of making mistakes.
This video shows that you don't have this fear, and that's a very positive thing.
Well done and keep it up.
And please, don't eat the cat :-)


I meant to say "Aku suka belajar bahasa", but whatever


Keep working, your work has inspired me a lot.

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