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I'm an ESL tutor now!

I just got employed as an ESL tutor to help teach native Russian speakers English. :)

And where did I start out from?

I started out on DuoLingo!

My conversational abilities really have skyrocketed since I started learning Russian over 6 months ago. I'm able to hold phone calls and conversations in Russian for hoursss, as well as text in Russian for an indefinite amount of time. I know a lot of words, and I have few difficulties being able to retrieve them from my brain. :)

My abilities in Russian have slowly, but surely, becoming very natural to me. Almost as natural as English.

I'm also thinking complex thoughts in my head in Russian.

I'm honestly shocked on how far I've gone in such a short amount of time.

Thanks DuoLingo!

I see this as a start of a very bright future for me right now.

But for now, I'm very tired. I think I'll sleep for a bit. :)

September 1, 2018



Congrats! If Von Ahn and Severin Hacker read this, I'll bet they'll shed into tears.


Поздравляю! I hope to became as good as you did!


Congratulations! I think your knowledge of Russian will be very useful, especially for ESL-students at an elementary level.


Oh, great! With your English level 4 you know language so well. Then, with Russian level 14 you can use Russian even better then English!


Have a lingot, I giggled :D


Wow! really impressive. good luck with your new job!


Awesome! You're my new hero. :-) Is English your native language? (I, too, am an ESL teacher. However, almost all of my students are Chinese.)


Yeah, I'm a native English speaker. I want to work more with German and Arabic speakers in the future. :)


Wow! Very ambitious. The majority of my students used to be from Saudi Arabia. However, I've never learned Arabic. I've had a few German-speaking students, and I really like the language. However, one must pick one's battles. Currently, I'm working on Russian and Spanish.


I know Russia and any Arabic countries are hungry for ESL tutors. My russian friends say you can live like a king in Russia if you're a native English speaker.


That's very encouraging to hear. I taught in Russia 9 years ago for 11 months. Since then, I heard that it's very difficult to get back in the country. I sincerely hope that's changing.


Yeah, from what I understand, getting a visa to goto Russia might become more difficult due to the variability of the current political climate.


Молодёц! Impressive, such a short period! Much success with your endeavours.


Congratulations! Did you have prior knowledge in Russian before you become fluent in 6 months?


Congratulations! That's a wonderful accomplishment.




I want to become ESL tutor but I have a hard time finding a job. Can anyone give a piece of advice. Thanks.


For several years there was The Boston Language Institute in Boston, US, in which it was possible to get ESL teacher license. The training lasted only two mounts and cost about $2000. Students worked with real Russian classes, at the end they wrote a diploma, and received an official document giving them rights to teach ESL in any country. Unfortunately, the Institute closed in the beginning of this year. I also know many English - speaking people - ESL teachers, who don’t have licenses and work as volunteers without money.


I am qualified to teach ESL, but I have no job. I wish to teach English to Russian speakers to improve my Russian. Could someone help me to find get a job?

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