"Saya punya pertanyaan."

Translation:I have a question.

September 2, 2018

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If "makanan" is food and "makan" is to eat, then "an" is an affix... so pertanya is to ask?


no you have to drop the affix per too.. so it's tanya : to ask.. so the pertanyaan has 2 affix it's per-tanya-an


bertanya is to ask


What about -an with minta? Is mintaan a word or does it have to have a prefix like per and ber?


Minta = ask for Meminta = to ask for Permintaan = request

There is a little tips to remember how to differentiate between per-an and ber affix. Ber- is used to make verbs, per-an is used to make nouns.

Bertemu = to meet (v) Pertemuan = meeting (n)

Bernafas = to breathe (v) Pernafasan = breathing / respiration (n)

Berhenti = to stop (v) Perhentian = stop / halt (n)

In some cases ber- can change to be- to make the sound more flowable

Bekerja = to work (v) Pekerjaan = work / job / occupation (n)

Belajar = to study / to learn (v) Pelajaran = lesson (n)


wait so then what does pertanyaan clearly mean?


It means "a question"

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