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  5. "This is father's teacup."

"This is father's teacup."

Translation:Ini cangkir teh milik ayah.

September 2, 2018



cangkir teh = teacup

secangkir teh = cup of tea

(In case anyone else was wondering.)


Could someone explain the meaning of teh? Maybe I saw it before, but I don't know now. Thank you.


teh= tea cangkir teh = tea cup


Could someone please explain the use of ‘milik’ here? I think we’ve learnt it but I forgot. Thanks!


"milik" & "punya" can be translated into "belongs to"

Kucing punya saya
A cat belongs to me / My cat

Unless you want to stress the information about possession, we can omit both of them


Cangkir teh ini milik ayah.

Why is my answer considered wrong? I think both answers are correct and my answer sounds more natural ...

Any idea? Thanks!


"This is a cup" (ini cangkir) as apposed to "this cup" (Cangkir ini)


Do Indonesians drink tea from a cup instead of a glass?


I would say both, Drinking very hot tea from a cup is sensible as it can burn your hands holding a glass instead of a handle, but if the tea is warm or cold or even iced tea from a Glass would also be sensible, why your query?

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