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Como cambiar la idioma de base?!

Quiero aprender portugues, pero mi idioma de base no es espanol. Es ingles, y no se como cambiar para que me muestre la pagina de duolingo en ingles, en lugar de espanol...

Quiero aprender portugues desde ingles! Como pueden ver, se espanol, pero no quiero usarla para aprender portugues tambien. Ya estoy suficiente confuza con el portugues ... necesito utilizar algo que sepa mucho mejor que el espanol, osea el ingles. Porfavor ayudenme. :)

Gracias de antemano.

May 5, 2014

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At the top of your Duolingo page, it says your name, profile picture, and present language. Click the Portuguese flag, and then "Add a new course." On that webpage, change the language that you speak from "I speak: Spanish" to "I speak: English," and then choose the Portuguese course by clicking "Switch to course." I think you'll have to restart the whole Portuguese course, but in English.

I am not sure if this will work, or if this is what you're asking. I am presently learning Spanish from English. To try out what you want to do, I just tried to change my base language to Portuguese, and then I started learning Spanish from Portuguese. I had to restart learning Spanish, but my Duolingo page would be in Portuguese rather than in English.

I got worried when I thought I'd have to learn Spanish all over again, from a language I don't even know (Portuguese). So, I went back up to the Spanish flag at the top and clicked "Adicione um novo curso" ("Add a new course"), and then "Eu falo: Inglês" ("I speak English"), and then "Espanhol" ("Spanish"), and then "Mudar de curso" ("Switch to course"). Then I switched back to my original course, Spanish from English (whew!). So I wasn't stuck with Spanish from Portuguese!

So, if you decide to switch from "Portuguese from Spanish" to "Portuguese from English," as far as I know you'll have to restart the course :( . . . But, you apparently can switch from one course to the other. When you mouse over the language flag at the top, you can choose what language you're learning from your current base language. To change your base language, do what I described above.

This whole thing is rather confusing. Keep testing things and you'll get it! :)

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