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"Ich habe nichts damit zu tun."

Translation:I have nothing to do with that.

May 5, 2014



Does this mean there is no connection between you and that, as in the English, "That has nothing to do with me", or is it something with which you can physically do nothing?


The first one.


Cool! Thanks a lot! :D


"I don't have anything to do with that" is a viable alternative.Alas, it was not accepted - bingo, goes another heart!


Nichts = Nothing; not anything I think your sentence is correct you must report


I have nothing to do with it I have nothing to do with that whats the difference?


According to the tips and notes of the lesson, damit (emphasis on the first syllable) means with that and damit (emphasis on the last syllable) means so that. But the voices are saying only damit emphasising on the last one. Das this even matter? I mean, we can understand the meaning of damit in the sentence without emphasising on the syllables, right?


Can I say: "Ich habe nichts dabei zu tun."? I feel like damit & dabei have similar meanings.


What about "I have nothing with that to do"? I think it sounds even better than the correct answer above.

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