"Kalian menulis menu."

Translation:You write the menu.

September 2, 2018

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Forget the sentence! Doesn't anyone hear that blow at the end?


sure there's a problem to his voice, off of the throat


Bro he be suffocating while saying ''menu''.


Why not just kamu??


Kalian = Plural.

Kamu = Singular.


Isn't 'kalian' a plural form of 'you'?


Yes ... English is unusual as most languages have a singular and a plural form for 'you'.


Well, there is y'all ;)


Fun story. "You" used to be plural only, but it was considered more formal than the singular "thou", so it took over. Ironically, now "thou" sounds more formal because basically the only places we hear it anymore are formal - the Bible and Shakespeare.


You in English can be singular and plural


But Kalian menulis surat = you write a letter



Georges, kamu menulis surat (one person).
Georges dan Joe, kalian menulis surat (several people)


Guy is deflating.


How do you know if it is "the" vs "a"?


No context, so you don't.


What is the difference between La and Dia? Kalian and Kemu? Saya and Aku?

They are very confusing.


dia = he/she ia = he/she/it this is taken from an indonesian article about the difference of dia and ia. ia can be used for non-humans too (animals and objects), but unlike dia it cannot be used as the object behind verbs or after prepositions (di, ke, dari, etc)

eg: i hug him/her - saya memeluk dia or - saya memeluknya (instead of ia, you use -nya)

kalian = you (plural) kamu = you (singular)

saya / aku = i / me saya is just more formal

short ver: dia/ia are both for third party singular saya/aku is just different in formality kalian is plural, kamu is singular


I got it wrong because I could hardly understand the dude!


You write menu is not accepted as an answer, but "you write menus" is? Wouldn't it be "Kalian menulis menu-menu"?


Because it's not grammatically correct in English. With singular, you have to use articles.

You write menus -> It works because it's a plural.
You write a menu. You write the menu.

Your error is about the lack of article in English with singular.

You write menus, could use the non-ambiguous plural form:
Kalian/kamu menulis menu-menu.
Or the ambiguous form "Kalian/kamu menulis menu".

In Indonesian, if you have menu-menu, it's only a plural, but if you have "menu" alone, you don't know if it's a singular, or an implied plural.


Why is it "the" menu and not "a" menu?


The main difference is "the" would refer to a specific item and "a" would be the item in general. It could be "a" menu, but in context, people don't generally write menus like they write letters and books, so it's more likely it's a specific menu being discussed. Anyway, that's my interpretation.


I disagree. There's no reason you couldn't write a menu. It's grammatically correct, and possible.

If you have several menus to write, for instance one for children, and one with vegetarian dishes, you write one of them: you write a menu.

For their sentence, Kalian menulis menu, could be a menu, the menu, menus or the menus. As there's no article and no indications in Indonesian.


I agree that it is possible to write a menu, certainly in the context you suggest. But with no other context provided, it makes more sense to me, as a native speaker, to say "the menu." This may be because English has the expression "What's on the menu?" with the context implied, not specified. I agree with your point that to know for sure what is being expressed by the Indonesian phrase, you would need to know the speaker's context.


Yes Michelle, I do agree. One meaning is more obvious, and common than the other, not only in English. I don't think it's only because of the expression "qu'est-ce qui est au menu?". It's more common to write the menu, than several ones. But it forces us to think. If the sentence is grammatically okay, and a context is possible (even a rare one), this has to be considered as a valid alternative solution.


I heard it

We write menuh


Is this 'the' important seriously


You (Plural) - Plural You = Singular

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