"That menu"

Translation:Menu itu

September 2, 2018



Why is it "menu itu" but "buku ini"? Is there a difference or are both acceptable suffixes? ("ini" or "itu")


i guess you are confused why "The" sometimes is translated as "Ini", in other sentence it is translates as "itu", right?

In bahasa Indonesia, there is no exact translation for the word "The", it's all depend on the context. The possible "translation" are "Ini", "itu" or "-nya".

Note that it doesn't work the other way round, as those possible translation has their own translation

Ini => This
Itu => That
-nya => His / Her / Its


So...Itu or Ini can be used ? answer below not clear


No. Itu is only that (or the) and ini is only this (or the).

If you want to translate "the", you can use for instance "itu" or the suffix -nya, or "ini".

If you want to translate "That menu" it's only "Menu itu", with "itu".

If you want to translate "Menu itu", it's "That menu", but it can be also "The menu".

It works in a sense, but not in the other one.


If you say "itu menu " is it also accepted?

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