Does resetting Duolingo give me the most up-to-date course?

My French for English speakers course is not the most up-to-date one. I am willing to reset my progress if that means that I get the most recent version. Is this the case?

September 2, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I don't think so. Maybe there is a chance, but when they A/B test something it's typically done by account, not by courses. So it's more likely you'll get the same version.

    I have no idea why the 3.0 French tree hasn't be released site-wide by now. It usually doesn't take this long.

    September 2, 2018

    I have to agree with CadetheBruce.

    If you really want to get a new French tree, create a NEW user account until one finally matches the right A/B group.

    However, your chances are very high that you do not get the French 3.0 A/B tree from contributors but the newest third tree from staff (newest A/B test) which only has "mobile grammar notes" available on the IOS app platform (I had only counted like ~3 skills on duome).

    You definitely would want to get the French 3.0 tree to have MANY "tips and notes" available on the web portal unless you own an IOS touch device (I heard rumours that they also have been available shortly on Android but not anymore) and you would be more interested in using the mobile app.

    September 2, 2018

    I am willing to RESET my progress if that means that I get the most recent version

    No, you won't!!

    I tried it once with EN-SP and the language/course reset did not work.
    A few weeks later I was finally enrolled into the new tree (I still have it).

    However, if you have a registered teacher or student account (share progress) on and you created ANY (empty) classrooms, this will prevent you from any A/B tree experiments and you will be forced to use the stable (old) trees.

    September 2, 2018

    No, the tree won't change. You'll just lose all your work. Don't do it!!

    September 2, 2018

    Thanks everyone!

    September 2, 2018

    And the very latest French tree created by staff is horrendously filled with errors, missing translations, audio homophones and has zero assistance in the sentence forums as the pre-existing Mods like Sitesurf do not have access to it.

    Believe me, you don't want that one.

    September 3, 2018

    The related thread about the third active French tree is:

    September 3, 2018
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