"These are three pigeons."

Translation:ये तीन कबूतर हैं।

September 2, 2018

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कबूतरें isn't plural pigeon?


Nope. Masculine nouns that end in a consonant do not change on pluralization (so long as they are in direct case). कबूतरें would have been correct had कबूतर been feminine.


Huh. Someone ought to tell the dropdown hints that.


कबूतरों is the plural version in the oblique case only. The plural form when acting as a subject remains the same as its singular form; कबूतर.

You'll notice that even in your original question, you wrote the feminine plural ending (for words ending in a consonant), not any masculine plural ending.

औरतें, for instance.

The masculine ending, as far as i know, really only changes when the subject ends with आ, and it'll change to ए.

लड़के, for instance.

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