"They come to realize that their bag fell."

Translation:Mereka menyadari kalau tas mereka jatuh.

September 2, 2018



They come to realize that their bag fell.
Meaning: Mereka menyadari kalau tas mereka jatuh.

Mereka menyadari bahwa tas mereka jatuh.= not accepted, reported

I think 'kalau' cannot be used here to translate this English sentence.
'kalau' = when/if
It would give the sentence a different meaning.

September 2, 2018


Is there any reason not to just say "They realised that their bag fell?"

EDIT: Now that I've noticed the "Kalau", I'm wondering if it's more "They would realise if their bag fell"

November 21, 2018


Yes, this is the only time that we have to translate "kalau" as "that". It's inconsistent, and quite frustrating and unfair to the learner (I get it wrong every time!)

February 27, 2019


So kalau isn't just if/when, it's also possible to mean the same as 'bahwa'?

February 9, 2019
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