"Siapa yang memanggang ubi di oven?"

Translation:Who is grilling a yam in the oven?

September 2, 2018

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agree that 'baking', and even 'roasting', are far more likely terms to describe cooking in an oven than 'grilling' (though that's also possible to do).

also, 'ubi' can refer to 'sweet potato' as well as 'yam', which, for many outside of america, are a completely different vegetable.

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We may be using the same English words to mean different things. We Brits grill differently from an American we grill under a grill not over one (for us a grill and grilling is what an American would call a broiler and broiling). If Indonesian use of the word grill is the same as BrE then this sentence would make sense.


I’m confused, we usually say “baking” in the oven, not grilling.


"Who is baking yams in the oven." is the proper translation in American English.


I was told that "Who is grilling yams in the oven?" had a typo and that it should be "Who is grilling yam in the oven?", which is incorrect, as yam is a countable noun in English and cannot be referred to in the singular without "a" or "the".


from what i understand ubi can also be just purple yam, aka ube. I put that it should be accepted but correct me if ubi doesn't mean purple yam but only yam in general. Ube is often used in Philippine English and even in American English (at least those more familiar with it)


Yes, it should be purple yam. There are different kinds of yam, among them is purple yam (or in Indonesian ubi).


Why not "Who is grilling jam in a oven"


As mentioned above, yam is a countable noun. "A yam, that yam, these yams" or "yams" or other combination would be correct.


Memanggang actually translates to bake


I disagree. Memanggang translates to roasting or broiling. Baking is memasak, the same as cooking, but can also be membuat (making). Grilling is membakar (ayam bakar or ikan bakar).

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