"आमिर के पास क्या है?"

Translation:What does Aamir have?

September 2, 2018

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So होना usually conjugate stonthe item being possessed? Not to the possessor? Because of its literal meaning I’m guessing. Amir has what near him, so “what” is, not Amir is (even though in this wxample it happens to be the same conjugation)


Why is it के पास and not का पास ?


why is what has he got wrong?


I think this way of expressing possession is probably not recognized in the ptogram


How can we tell if it is asking what he has and not what he is close to? "Ke pas" also means "near", right?


Oh come on i forgot question mark. It is wrong


I'm pretty confused why पास is here. It seems to me that "आमिर के क्या है?" may have the same meaning as well. Also, is it acceptable to have two postpositions after one noun, just like in this sentence? If it is acceptable, how would the second postpositions like पास be placed?


के पास implies possession (in addition to expressing proximity).

"आमिर के पास दो कुत्ते हैं।" means "Amir has two dogs." (Although the literal meaning is "There are two dogs near Amir.")

"X possesses Y" is expressed as "X के पास Y है".

Oh yes, multiple postpositions are pretty common. Here are some examples:

घर के पास दो पेड़ हैं। - There are two trees near the house.

मैं आमिर से पहले आया। - I came before Amir.

यह केला हाथी के लिये है। - This banana is for the elephant.

नेहा के सामने कौन है? - Who is in front of Neha?


My brain reads this as, "What is with Aamir?"

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