"Aamir will give me books tomorrow."

Translation:आमिर मुझे कल किताबें देगा।

September 2, 2018

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Can you say आमिर कल मुझे किताबें देगा।?


I tried it and it worked for me.


Okey, that's tricky here, because we haven't been taught any order for the adverbs or complements, and my कल किताबें मुझे was corrected. Is there any particular sequence for the adverbs in hindi to be ordered together between subject group at the beginning and verbal group at the end if a sentence?


I've only noticed that the time element normally comes right after the subject.


I said आमिर किताबें मुझे कल देगा. Can someone explain why it is wrong?


That will be "Aamir will give the books to me tomorrow." It's because in Hindi, bringing a word towards the beginning of the sentence tends to make it more definite.


Thank you! Have a lingot!


Can we start this sentence with kal?


Well, I wouldn't say it will be wrong, but there is a nuanced difference between आमिर मुझे कल किताबें देगा। and कल आमिर मुझे किताबें देगा। just like between "Aamir will give me books tomorrow" and "Tomorrow Aamir will give me books".


I'm going to disagree, since adverbs of time often come first in the sentence.


With other Hindi sentences, position of the temporal adverb at the beginning was permitted ...


What is the diference between दोगा and देगा on this context.


If I remember correctly, दोगे/दोगी is the तुम masculine/feminine future version of देना. देगा/देगी/देगे are the यह/वह/ये/वे future version.

In general:
Root + ऊँ + गा/गी = First person singular future.
Root + एँ + गे/गी = First person plural, third person plural, or second person formal (आप) future.
Root + ओ + गी/गे = Second person informal (तुम) future.
Root + ए + गा/गी = Second person intimate (तू) or third person singular future.

So दोगा would almost never be used, as तुम takes the plural (actually, when I typed दोगा, it automatically corrected to दोगे).


What does देगा agree with in this sentence? I put देगी and was marked wrong


It agrees with the PNG (person, number, gender) of आमिर, which being a masculine name cannot take देगी.


Oh, wow. I guess I never picked up on the fact that Aamir is supposed to be a man's name... this entire time, I was under the impression that Aamir was a woman's name!

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