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Request: Leaderboard by language

It would be more fun if we also had a leaderboard by language :) thank you!

March 30, 2013



I agree- sounds cool! and this leaderboard could change weekly or something- if you are the number one person of the week you could get a certain number of points as an award? just a thought....


Thanks for the suggestion! Bringing it back to the team.


Yes, I miss the 'Top Translators' section - not so much for the leaderboard/competition aspect, but I really liked seeing other Duolinguists doing their thing. It was encouraging seeing other's progress and inspiring me to continue with mine. I liked seeing ppl's avatars when they'd pop up there and in the translations - it was like recognising faces in a crowd! I enjoyed this little community showcase (Top Translators), and I enjoyed virtually 'meeting' other learners when I clicked on their profiles.

A leaderboard might do the trick. [Ed. post in wrong reply]


Has there been any movement on providing a leaderboard by language? I think this idea would drive up competition and get people more engaged. I think the community should be a little more open and competitive.

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