"Dia melewati saya."

Translation:She passes me by.

September 3, 2018

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melewati (pasif: dilewati, kulewati, kaulewati, akar: lewat)

melewati [KAMUS SEASITE]

lewat : : : lalu; lebih; sesudah.

Definisi Singkat : via, by way of; beyond, past. ME--I: pass by; exceed. Also ME--KAN, TER-.

Definisi Inggris : • 1 via, by way of. 2 beyond, past. *ME--I: 1 pass by. 2 exceed. *ME--KAN: skip, pass up, spend. *TER-: 1 very, exceedingly. 2 past, overcome.

Contoh : Bulu kudukku selalu merinding setiap MELEWATI kuburan itu. => The hair on the back of my neck always stands up every time I PASS that graveyard.

Jangan MELEWATKAN kesempatan emas ini. => Don't PASS UP this golden opportunity.

Saya pikir jalan yang kita cari sudah TERLEWAT. => I think that the road we are looking for has already BEEN PASSED.


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The correct English is She passes by me.


My translation app gives both ... but I suspect it doesn't recognise the different meanings between the two. She passes by me = walking passed. She passes me by ... can mean that I was ignored or not included. I prefer your version because I don't know if the other version matches the less common meaning.


She passes by me. = not accepted, reported


I got an answer from a native speaker. For more information about the nuance of "melewati", please visit a related sentence forum. This verb means in more ways probably than you thought.

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