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E is for Éléphant

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Fake out! E is not for elephant; well not precisely (see below). Not that elephants aren't fascinating creatures. Twenty new Wikipedia articles for the French crowd to work on, all starting with the letter "E". Today's list is as follows:

Elephant Man (film) --- Jane Eyre ---Elfe ---Exploration urbaine ---The Economist ---Écriture --- Ersatz --- Sergueï Eisenstein --- Éros --- Ralph Waldo Emerson --- Édimbourg (i.e., Edinburgh...went there on my honeymoon) ---Église de la Madeleine --- Effet placebo --- Équitation (i.e., equestrian) --- En Vogue (the group) --- Effets speciaux --- Gustave Eiffel --- Enveloppe (papeterie) -- Exotisme --- and last, but not least, Être (a classic French topic)

The only one rejected by the Duobot this time around was Encyclopédie, because it was too long. I confess I did not even try Érotisme for fear I might offend some folks if it got by the bot. But we did give Eros his due.

Far and away the article that drew the most interest among the D group was Edouard Daladier...apparently we have a bunch of French history buffs out there. He's even catching up with Michael Bublé!

One last interesting (to me) aside. Of all the articles that I have uploaded during the past couple of months, the most popular is now "Trictrac" an obscure French board game very similar to, but not the same as, Backgammon. 99 different people have worked on this article...although I have to admit that a good number of them seem to come in, look at the picture of the game board, and start reflexively switching "trictrac" to "backgammon" throughout the article. Someone then just dutifully comes in and edits it back to "Trictrac" and the cycle repeats itself over and over. I just have to laugh.

Happy translating --- and as I mentioned before, if there are general subject areas that I seem to be missing, please let me know.

4 years ago