"I like cold water."

Translation:मुझे ठंडा पानी पसंद है।

September 3, 2018

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Note to self... पानी is a masculine noun, and therefore takes ठंडा not ठंडी.


does मुझे go with है or हँ?


It depends on the subject. मुझे uses the oblique case: it is not the subject of the sentence. In Hindi, the water "is being liked by you". The subject is the water. So, in this instance, you need to use है.


Why is मुझे used with पसंद? Also, why is हूँ not used at the end?


पसंद goes with dative case, so use मुझे for what becomes the subject in the English sentence.
In the Hindi sentence, ठंडा पानी is the subject, so put है at the end.
Use हूँ only when the subject of the Hindi sentence is मैं.
Literally, By me, cold water is liked.


Mujhe (sth) pasand hai.... Mein (sth) pasand karta/karti hun. Now replace the sth with anything. In the first sentence the subject is the thing being liked while in the second I am the subject... so the endings change accordingly. Btw both mean the same.


I don't seem to have any sound anymore in these kind of exercises - anybody any idea what's wrong?


Yes i know that

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