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"I study in order to become smart."

Translation:Saya belajar agar saya menjadi pintar.

September 3, 2018



I don't think I can tell the difference between agar and sehingga. When is the right time to use them?


"agar" is used to connect sentences that hoping something happen

I eat vitamins so that I am not sick
Saya makan vitamin agar tidak sakit

"Sehingga" is used to connect sentence to indicate result

Dia lupa menyetel alarm sehingga kesiangan
He forgot to set the alarm that he oversleep


I gave you a lingot! What a great answer. I see you did not use I/ Saya in the sentence, "Saya makan vitamin agar (saya) tidak sakit." In the sentence discussed, "I study in order to become smart." - Saya belajar agar -saya- menjadi pintar. Is this second saya required?


It is not, I have tried this particular sentence without 2nd "saya" and it was accepted


@1CN5ijzC I've lived in Indonesia for almost my whole life (still bad at Indonesian though) and I never knew that your comment deserves a lingot from me u-u


I googled it ... agar saya menjadi pintar = so that / in order to ... become clever. ... sehingga saya menjadi pintar = and so I become clever / resulting in my becoming clever. Hence, agar = so that ... sehingga = and so.


Why is "saya belajar untuk menjadi pintar" wrong...?


I'm also a bit confused about agar and sehingga. 1CN5ijzC's comment is helpful.

What about "supaya" and "jadi"? Those also seem closely related.


I am not sure about "supaya"


"jadi" is a bit different. "Jadi" is like "so" phrases which introduces a new sentence:

"So, what do you think about that?" - "Jadi, apa menurutmu tentang itu?"


"So, we are done here" - "Jadi, kami selesai di sini"


Saya belajar supaya saya pandai. Please fix it


jadi = menjadi, it is just a bit shorter and so usually used when talking. Menjadi is sombong when talking

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