"That red glove and that black hat"

Translation:Sarung tangan merah dan topi hitam itu

September 3, 2018

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Shouldn't it be "Sarung tangan merah itu dan topi hitam itu?


It is the same in English. If I point out two separate items I would say, I want that red glove and that black hat; but if the items were together, I want that red glove and black hat (from there).


I don't have a problem against accepting "That red glove and that black hat" as a correct answer. But "A red glove and that black hat" should be correct too! Imagine that you're in a shop, you've already found the black hat so when the clerk ask you what you want you say "I want a red glove and that black hat"... Otherwise, how would you translate "A red glove and that black hat"? (after thinking about it, I don't even think "I want that red glove and black hat" in your example is correct but I'd defer that to some native speakers


The correct answer is: Sarung tangan itu dan topi hitam itu. (The "and" separates in two differents sentences)


Wrong answer by duolingo. My wife was grumpy to see their translation not correct ! Damn correct it


This seems wrong to me also


Only one itu and two that? How would i know

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