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  5. "Jeho žena chce svůj hrad."

"Jeho žena chce svůj hrad."

Translation:His wife wants her castle.

September 3, 2018



And what would it be for "His wife wants my castle"? In a previous example "svůj" was used for "my". Since there are no lessons, just the exercises, I would be grateful if someone could explain it to me please :).


Svůj is used when whatever is "owned" belongs to the subject of the sentence. So "His wife wants my castle" would be "Jeho žena chce můj hrad." (As a native AmE speaker, I can attest to this being a confusing concept!)


Just to sum up (as all these is quite complicated for me and for learners) ; and please if possible, check my findings : 1.HIS wife (f) wants her castle. > Jeho žena chce SVŮJ hrad.. 2.HIS wife (f) wants his castle. > Jeho žena (f) chce JEHO hrad.. 3.HIS wife (f) wants my castle. > Jeho žena chce MŮJ hrad.. 4.HER husband (m) wants his castle. > Její muž chce SVŮJ hrad. 5. Her husband (m) chce her castle. JEJÍ muž chce JEJÍ hrad. I wonder what grade I would deserve here..


I am thinking that you deserve an A! And I also think your comment can be very helpful to others.


Thank you BHBass! I stopped for one month with Czech but I am back. Due to the helpful people here I am ready to break through all the Czech language's complications. Without hurry, that's the best. See you around!


Shouldn't it be: "his wife wants her own castle"?


svůj vlastní hrad


What would be Czech for "His wife wants his castle". It would get "jeho" right? (Jeho žena chce jeho hrad.) ?


Thanks. Have a nice week, BHBass :-) !


I checked with the hints and used one of the three suggestions although I thought it was wrong. So? Svůj = her?


Please read the previous discussion and the Tips and notes.

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