"Berapa volume air di laut?"

Translation:What is the water volume in the sea?

September 3, 2018



The English translation is awkward. Better sentences would be: "How much water is in the ocean?" or "What is the volume of water in the ocean?"

September 3, 2018


Berapa is a question word to ask about quantity (countable or uncountable). The translation in English is correct “what is ...” not “how much ...”

February 10, 2019


My sentence is being corrected to:

You used the wrong word. What's is the volume of water in the sea?

"What's is" is obviously a typing error.

October 24, 2018


"what is the volume of water in the sea" is better, I couldn't say that the English was unnatural.

February 11, 2019
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