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"Did she not talk to you over the computer?"

Translation:¿Ella no habló contigo por la computadora?

March 30, 2013



I must have done 'vos' in this course at some point but don't remember it. What part of the course is it in? What's the difference between vos and tú?

(edit) I see the question/answer doesn't contain 'vos' or 'tu' now but I was marked wrong with "you used tu here where you should have used vos"?


As far as I've seen, DL has not used voseo in any of its lessons thus far.


Apparently using 'hablaste" gets you a correct answer when translating, "Did she not talk to you over the computer? Any ideas why not? My translation was, "No te hablaste por computadora?"


"No te hablaste por computadora?" = you did not talk to yourself over the computer

hablaste= 2nd person singular. You need to use habló here since 'she' is the subject.


I wrote "no habló ella con te por computadora" and DL marked it wrong. Any idea why? Also, what is "vos"???


I have never seen the word "ud" before. Hovering over it gives a translation as "you".


Ud. is the written abbreviation for 'usted' the formal, singular 'you'.


How about "No habló ella con usted por la computadora?" ?


To use either 'ti' or 'te' for "you" - what's the difference?

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