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  5. "Ada paprika di wajan."

"Ada paprika di wajan."

Translation:There are bell peppers in the wok.

September 3, 2018



'bell peppers' is an american term. 'capsicums' should also be accepted here for 'paprika'.

also, 'wok' should be accepted in addition to 'pan' for 'wajan'.


I was under the impression that bell peppers belong to the capsicum family. i.e. all bell peppers are capsicums, but not all capsicums are bell peppers.


Yeh there are capsicums that you wouldn't call bell peppers, like chillis.

HOWEVER this term literally is paprika which is a powder made of chillis and bell peppers so bell peppers is actually incorrect for this translation.

It should be capsicum instead of bell pepper, because it includes both bell peppers and chillis like cayenne.

Paprika in Indonesian literally translates to both paprika and capsicum in English. But bell pepper is too specific and incorrect.


The easiest clarification is probably just to look up "Paprika" on Indonesian Wikipedia haha: https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paprika


yes, you're absolutely spot on regarding the indonesian word 'paprika'.

but in australia, 'bell pepper' is not a term we use. if you walked into a shop and asked for 'bell peppers' you would probably get a blank look in response. the term we use is 'capsicum'. i believe it is also the term used elsewhere in the english speaking world in the southern hemisphere more or less. (see the english language wikipedia article here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capsicum).

so, 'capsicum' in english refers both to the genus that contains capsicums/ bell peppers and chilli peppers, and the large, mild fruit which is the common vegetable variety.

in australia, the word 'pepper' is not generally used in reference to capsicum varieties, but is generally understood to be the small dried black seeds of a completely different plant that you put in a grinder and season your food with. likewise, we often refer to chillies as simply chillies, and not really chilli peppers.

and paprika in english is specifically a ground spice mix made out of a various dried capsicum fruits.

it's confusing, same words, but in different languages and in different countries, they refer to different things.


Ah, I see what you mean.

In England, peppers or bell peppers refer to those common green/yellow/orange/red peppers. Paprika is the ground spice. Capsicum is the family. (Confusingly, here, pepper also refers to white/black pepper that often accompanies salt.)


I can't re-reply to you again, but as to your last comment you're not the only ones with confusing stuff lol

We call hot chips just "chips" and crisps "chips", can get confusing.


absolutely! 'chips' is another really good example.


A wajan is not an ordinary pan, it is a wok.


parika is in english as well?


yes, you’re right. but in english ‘paprika’ is the ground spice made from dried capsicums (bell peppers) and chillies.


It is definitely wrong pepper = merica. Paprika is capsicum powder . Pepper is a seed that you grind, can be black red or white.


"bell pepper" is American for capsicum.


Pepper refers to the piper family of plants, not capsicums including chile, jalapenos etc are a totally different plant. Its spiciness is due to the chemical piperine, not to be confused with the capsaicin characteristic of chili peppers. It is ubiquitous in the modern world as a seasoning and is often paired with salt.


"Ada" used there is there are right


Shouldn't "wok" be accepted for the word "wajan"? Seems a little confusing.


"there is bell pepper in the pan " I think that is correct; isn't ?


There are bell peppers in the wok

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