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"Ani jedno z těchto devíti slov si nepamatuji!"

Translation:I cannot remember even one of these nine words anymore!

September 3, 2018


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nice. this sentence has nine words.


Why is "I don't remember any of these nine words anymore." not accepted? With the emphasis on 'any' it seems like a fair translation to me.


any of these ... - žádné z těchto ....


Ah, that's a very edgy nuance. Thanks!


I've always wondered that there are a lot of preferred translations that use 'cannot', but we haven't yet learned a verb meaning 'can' or 'to be able'. This translation is actually wrong - 'I don't remember' is subtly different in meaning from 'I can't remember'.


The point is it is not wrong and that English often uses "can" in sentences where you should not try to include any equivalent of "can" into the Czech sentence.

Cf. "I can see" = "vidím", and not *"můžu vidět".


Interesting...I wish more of this was somehow explained in the course!

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