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好學—學好; Reversing Chinese Characters to Obtain Meanings!

Did you know that meanings can be obtained by reversing two Chinese characters? Here is the following image from the English site that lists some examples of existing meanings of reversed characters:

蜂蜜 means honey, whereas 蜜蜂 means bee!

Here, 蜂蜜 means honey, whereas 蜜蜂 means bee!


Bonus: Can you find any other set of two distinct characters (not mentioned in the links above) that satisfy the following:

  • Not all characters contain numbers,
  • No characters altogether represent a name or loan word,
  • Neither of the characters is one of the pronouns (i.e. 他,她,它,你).

When you check the links, you will see that — is included to separate two vocabularies. Search them up to see their meanings. Wiktionary and MDBG are great sites to look into. :)

September 3, 2018


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