"पीटर आज चल रहा था।"

Translation:Peter was walking today.

September 4, 2018

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I could do with more guidance on kal, persoe and aj, as there seems to be no consistency on where they come in a sentence? Kal for example is sometimes the first word and often second or third word. How do I work out where it should be?


How would this differ from “Peter went walking today”?


Peter went walking today. - पीटर आज टहलने गया (था)।


The difference is the same as in English. "to walk" "to go walking"

The first is the verb "to walk" while the second is the verb "to go", to which has been added some activity.

To describe the leisure activity of "walking," the Hindi word is /sair/. To indicated someone goes "by foot," the word is /paidal/. The word in the above example is simply calnā, "to move" (with the implication of moving by one's own feet, in this case!).


I heard पीट रआज चल रहा था।


Then he took an arrow in the knee...

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