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"Klingons and Ferengi are humanoids."

Translation:yoqpu' chaH tlhInganpu''e' verenganpu''e' je.

September 4, 2018



is the subject really humanoids or is it just switching the sentence?


In an English sentence, the grammatical subject goes before the verb. Thus, in this English sentence, "Klingons and Ferengi" are the subjects.

In a Klingon sentence, the grammatical subject goes after the verb. Thus, in this Klingon sentence, tlhInganpu' verenganpu' je are the subjects.

Because we are using a pronoun as the verb, explicitly stated subjects like this must each be marked with -'e'. Thus, in this sentence, they are actually written as tlhInganpu''e' verenganpu''e' je.

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