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  5. "Dia jatuh dari tangga."

"Dia jatuh dari tangga."

Translation:He falls from the stairs.

September 4, 2018



"He falls down the stairs" sounds more natural in English.


He/She falls from the ladder or He/She falls down the stairs. (as kaphinga suggested)


i noticed the suggested correction to the english translation was left a month ago already. but to say 'he falls from the stairs' is somewhat unnatural sounding ...

's/he falls down the stairs', or 's/he falls off the ladder'


If he falls from the stairs, I see a picture of perhaps some stairs going up to a building, which he falls off (sideways). If the sentence means that he falls down the stairs, it has to use "down."


Really Duolingo about time you corrected this. He fell down the stairs is the normal usage


Have to agree with all the previous comments that this English translation makes no sense in English. It should either be He falls down the stairs or He falls off the stairs. In English we do not fall "from" the stairs.


And if without THE? From some stairs ..


I agree with others, but also note that "he falls from stairs" is also meaningful English - as in someone who tends to fall off (probably the side of) stairs when using them. I agree with the comment about falling OFF ladders and falling DOWN stairs, although my sense is that one can also fall down a ladder if one goes bump bump on each rung on the way down. :-) And that falling off stairs becomes possible if there is no handrail.


Actually he fell off the ladder


Why not from the stair vs stairs?


He fell of the ladder??


has fallen from....can also be correct in Indonesian. Past tense is often the same, all depends on the context.


As stairs is plural did he fall from 2 stairs? Or fell from 2 steps? Or did he fall from one stair (case). Or a ladder? Not clear! I was marked wrong for saying stair.

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