"My black gown is big."

Translation:Gaun hitam saya besar.

September 4, 2018

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Why is ‘Hitam gaun saya besar’ not accepted?


The adjectives must come after the noun. If you say, hitam gaun, you are describing the shade of red ... which doesn't make sense. I checked this with my Indo wife and she agreed.


Hitam is black not red


I don't understand the shade of red part, could you explain more?

"Hitam gaun" means the dress of the black of me.
But I don't think it makes much sense, as a black person would be called "seorang kulit hitam" rather I think (tell me if there's other ways).


I think you mean " gaun hitam saya" right? It should be, please report it


"Gaun hitam saya besar" is already the correction they gave to me on this page.


Paling salah mencet


Terbalik harusnya gaun saya hitam...


I'm not sure what word the "ku" comes from, but it means me/i/my. If you wanted to say your black dress you would abbreviate "kamu" and add the "-mu" on the end of hitam (black). Hitamu gaun. I believe it's similar to english contractions. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


In that case the "-ku" comes from "aku"!


Ku comes from aku


"Hitamu gaun" is wrong. First, you have to put "hitam" after "gaun", as the adjective follows the noun.

Gaunmu hitam = your black dress.
Gaunku hitam = my black dress.

Gautam hitammu (with 2 m): your black dress
Gautam hitamku: My black dress.

I don't know the grammar rule, if you can do both, linking the enclitic possessive pronoun to the noun or to the adjective. I've found both in readings, but nothing told me if it was proper grammar.

Maybe it's better to link the possessive to the noun? Or maybe, if you say "gaunmu hitam" it would be rather "Your dress is black"?

"mu" from "kamu", meaning "you".
"ku" from "aku", meaning "I".

" I believe it's similar to english contractions. "
Absolutely not.


Sorry, I meant to say "guan hitamu".


Same with me, we can report it


Is 'Gaunku hitam besar' an acceptable answer??


Anything wrong with: "Gaunku hitam besar." ?


The word order in the noun phrase is not correct.
"My black gown" = "Gaun hitam saya" , "Gaun hitamku".

Here is more info about the word order in a noun phrase:


So would "My big, black dress" translate to "Gaun besar hitam saya"?


Hmm...as indonesian, this sentence doesn't make sense to me..let's say you have 2 black dresses, one is big and the other is small (kecil), so we will focus on the big one, 'gaun hitam saya - besar', while the other dress, 'gaun hitam saya - kecil'.. or you have 2 big dresses, one is white (putih) and the other is black.. 'gaun putih saya - besar' or 'gaun hitam saya - besar' that's it.


would it be wrong if it is "gaunku hitam besar"?


It will be translated into ' my dress (gaunku) is big black (hitam besar)'


How about "Gaun saya hitam besar." ? Please tell me.


I dont understand why they gave us -well at least me- a new word i didnt even know i dont understand nothing


Don't be afraid of new words. We are here for learning.

Just use a notebook, and add all your new vocabulary, to memorize it later.
What was the new word here for you?


this is a confusing sentence. because it looks like gaun Hitam saya besar says black dress I am big. as appose to my black dress is big I guessed it should have been saya Hitam gaun besar my black dress is big


Adjectives come after nouns. gaun is a noun, hitam is an adjective, saya becomes a possessive adjective, and besar is another adjective. So gaun hitam becomes one thing, and then saya comes after it, and then besar.


No, it's not confusing, it's that you didn't get the grammar rules yet, but it's normal, you are here for that.

So, the grammar rule you have to understand, is that the word order is basically the same in English and Indonesian, meaning that it is a language with subject-verb-object, in this order.

So, from this rule, if a pronoun is before a verb, it means that it's a subject-pronoun.

For instance: "Saya makan" means "I eat".

But "saya" means also "my", when you have it after a noun.

The second rule to understand is that the modifier (adjective or possessive pronoun) always follows the noun.

So, when you have noun + pronoun, it means it's a possessive pronoun, not a subject pronoun.

Gaun saya means my dress. As it's noun + pronoun.

So, "gaun hitam saya" = my black dress. the "saya" modifies "gaun-hitam" as a whole (black dress).


This is an explanation that finally makes sense...Thankyou.


Adjectives in Indonesian follow the noun, which was my observation, as well as bring borne out by people's comments. So, you need to write, 'Gaun hitam saya besar', literally 'Dress black my (is) big'. Can't wait to find out how to say, 'Your little black dress is chic'!


Your little black dress is chic = Gaun hitam kecil kamu adalah bergaya?


I guessed it should be gaun hitamku besar


This made no sense to me, the I failed this 4 times until I just gave the answer they wanted without any understanding why it had to be that was...


I translated it as "Saya hitam gaun besar"


Your sentence makes no sense, because the order is wrong.
In your sentence you have "saya" as a subject: I.
So it would mean something like I am black, the dress is big.

You have to put "hitam" after the word it modifies, the adjective follows the noun, unlike in English: "gaun hitam" = black dress.

You have to put "saya" after "gaun hitam" because when you have the pronoun after the noun, it becomes a possessive (= my)

Gaun saya = my dress.
Gaun hitam saya = my black dress.

Gaun hitam saya (adalah) besar. In their sentence "to be" is implied.


Is "Gaunku hitam besar" an acceptable answer?


'gaunku - hitam besar means my dress - is big black, it doesn't make sense to me as you focus on why the black colour on the dress is so big..rather than we put more focus on 'the black dress of mine - is big..'gaun hitam saya - besar.


I answered Saya gaun hitam besar. Why is this sentence wrong?


The noun comes first in Indonesian, while the adjectives, noun modifiers, come after that. "Gaun" is the noun here so "hitam" and "saya" come after.


Why " saya guan hitam besar " is incorrect


The noun comes first in Indonesian, while the adjectives, noun modifiers, come after that. "Gaun" is the noun here so "hitam" and "saya" come after.


I put gaun hitam milikku besar and it accepted.


Is it ok if saya comes first? Like, "Saya gaun hitam besar"?


Saya punya gaun merah muda


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Why "Gaun hitamku ini besar?" is wrong? :(


" Gaun saya hitam" is incorrect?


Wrong translation again


can't saya come first?


Can saya go before hitam?


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