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do not try to persuade me

Recently, I ran into an amusing fact that may be of interest for those who study Russian:
1. Не надо меня уговаривать - means 'I disagree!'
2. Меня не надо уговаривать - means 'I agree!'
The only difference between the two is the initial position and, therefore, the emphasis on "do not" in the first phrase and "me" in the second. Vaguely, they can be translated as follows:
1. Do not try to persuade me, it's useless.
2. Me? I don't need to be persuaded.

September 4, 2018



Hi, this is so true.. Brilliant observation.. Russian is so awesome this way it has lots of nuances and word order or other wordplay often only understood by those who grew up in the language..

I am just trying to think of any other examples that could be similar to yours.. The only ones that come to mind so far are those with the verb to speak ,which is at the root of your example.. but my examples are not nearly as good as the ones you posted here.(and they only work in certain context..).:-))

уговаривать-такой же корень,как и у глагола говорить

  1. с ним об этом говорить не надо..(не хотим с ним делиться)

  2. нет нужды/не надо с ним об этом говорить (он уже всё знает)


И не говори.)) (согласие с собеседником)


В английском есть прямое соответствие: don't tell me.


This made me smile! And want to learn Russian. :)


И не говори (никому , куда ты идёшь). And don’t tell anyone where you are going).
И не говори! That is very true.
И говорить не приходится. It goes without saying.


Это вы мне говорите! - Tell me about it! (You're telling me)
И не говорите! - Don't tell me!
И то, и другое - полное согласие.


@1Pozin2 and @Mirokha both examples here awesome..:-))


haha this is hilarious! thanks for sharing

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