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"My mother is sitting on the chair."

Translation:मेरी माँ कुर्सी पर बैठी हैं ।

September 4, 2018



Where is the "r" sound in the word "chair" coming from?


See the little hook at the top-right of कुर्सी? That's what gives the "r" sound. It's called रेफ (reph). र (ra) is the only letter to have a special, diacritic-like form when it occurs as the first component of a consonant cluster. It's written on the top of the letter before which it is pronounced. Here are a few examples.

तर्क (tark) - argument
अर्थ (arth) - meaning
स्पर्धा (spardhaa) - competition
गर्मी (garmi) - heat, summer
ऊर्जा (oorjaa) - energy


Thank you very much for good explanation!


Wont it come मेरी मां कुर्सी पर बैठ रही है


Yes. This may be as Meri ma kursi par bait rahi hai.

Please discuss

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