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  5. "tlhInganpu'"


Translation:the Klingons

September 4, 2018



Does it have to have "the"?


No. The software will also accept just "Klingons".


the pronunciation has a distinctive q at the end which can be confusing as Tlhlnganpu' should end in a spitted vowel instead of a throaty q as in the audio.


Could you tell whether it was the male or female voice? I've listened to them both and they are both glottal stops. Part of the problem may be that the qay and the qaghwI' are both plosives articulated in the throat. They are made very close to each other and it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish them.


both have the q (soft kh sound) at the end when i made the test. that´s why it´s confusing as it should end in a powerful U (oo). I don´t think the audio was garbled as in other audios the strong and dry U at the end is easily recognizable. hope it helps.


This has been rerecorded a couple of times now, most recently to get rid of a G-sound in the middle.


Why is "Klingon People" incorrect?


They're just Klingons. "Klingon" is a noun that refers to a Klingon; it's not an adjective that you have to add a noun "person" to.

Just like we don't say "human people, Swede people, Arab people" but just "humans, Swedes, Arabs", for example.


Although I suppose you could always say something like tlhIngan nuvpu' if you really wanted to say "Klingon people".

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