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"Orang terkaya itu otaknya tumpul."

Translation:That richest person's mind is dull.

September 4, 2018



Translation needs a bit of polishing!


Because "richest" inherently compares one individual to a group, and identifies which individual is richest, "that" is not needed and feels unnatural. It's doubly specific.


If 'that' is not needed, what would be your translation (without using 'that') ?


The richest person's mind is dull. Which person? The richest person. Since it is a superlative, there is only one, no this, that, or the other.

Report:. The English sentence is unnatural or has an error.


is 'otak' not also translatable as 'brain'?


“the mind of that richest person is dull” should be accepted by DuoLingo .


What about: The richest person there mind is dull?


English simply doesn't work like that. You seem to be using "the richest person" as a sort of topic of the sentence, something Japanese does with the particle "wa," but English doesn't have this topic and comment structure. "The richest person" would have to be either a possessor as modifier, i.e. "the mind of the richest person is dull," or if there were more to the sentence, the subject, i.e. "the richest person, whose mind is dull [does something]."

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