"Saya suka sayur yang asin."

Translation:I like salty vegetables.

September 4, 2018

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Is yang necessary? Would "saya suka sayur asin" have a different meaning?


without "yang" the meaning would be more like talking about a variety of sayur as a specific dish. eventhough no such dish known as "sayur asin", that is the meaning you wanted to know. why? because there are many varieties of sayur for example "sayur asem", "sayur bening", "sayur lodeh", and many other sayurs.

the importance of "yang" here is to describe that the sayur (whatever sayur dish it may be) is salty in flavor.

"sayur yang pedas" is whatever sayur that is spicy in flavor. "sayur pedas" is the name of a kind of sayur as a dish, it can be spicy in flavor (hence the name) or saltier than my armpit or as bitter as love life, it is just a name.


I like vegetables salty (or salted) also seems acceptable


I like vegetables /which are/ salty


" like vegetables which are salty" i think that my translate is correct :(


You should've reported it then; that gets sent directly to the devs.


"I like veggies that are salty"? ❌


Isn't it supposed to be ''I like vegetables that are salty'' due to ''yang'''s presence?

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