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Hi, Does anyone know how many levels there are in each topic. Is it the same for each one?

September 4, 2018



Each skill/topic has 5 crown levels.

Except for the bonus skills - these have just 1 crown level.


okay, Thanks a lot for the info.


Just to note. There are five levels for each topic but a different number of lessons in the topics. For example at level 2 Feelings has six lessons and Directions has 10. The fifth level has more lessons, so my golden animal level had 108 lessons but my golden Hello level only had 36.


The lessons needed to reach crown 5 = 12n, where n is the number of what we call "lessons" inside the Incubator. Those internal lessons are just containers for new words, but they are still being cycled through for the users on their way to each crown. The repetitions between the five crowns total 12, hence that multiple.

The part of the course that will be different in Version 2 will undergo a reduction in the internal number of lessons per skill, except if we should get to the short skills later in the tree. The very early skills will be no longer than 3 and then 4 internal lessons.

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