"We are making appetizers."

Translation:Kami membuat makanan pembuka.

September 4, 2018

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We are making appetizers.
Meaning: Kami membuat makanan pembuka.

Dear Duolingo, please consider these alternatives :

Kami sedang membuat makanan pembuka.= not accepted, reported.
Kami lagi membuat makanan pembuka.= not accepted, reported.


I agree with you " kami sedang membuat makanan pembuka " should be accepted But " kami lagi membuat makanan pembuka " i think " lagi " is less formal


Why is the word order: 'makanan pembuka' and not 'pembuka makanan'? The meaning is 'meal opener'?


In this case, pembuka is the noun modifier (adjective) which is b.Indo comes directly after the noun (eg, makanan kecil = small food/ snack). So in this instance, the literal trabslation would be 'opener food.' More contextually, it could be given as either 'opener of the meal' or 'opening food.'

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