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"torgh taj tIq law' wo'rIv taj tIq puS."

Translation:Torg's knife is longer than Worf's.

September 4, 2018



tajna' 'oHbe' Dochvetlh'e'. tajna' 'oH Dochvam'e'.


Torg's knife is longer than Worf's one is not accepted; I've reported it.


Torg's knife is longer than Worf's one is not accepted

"Worf's one" doesn't sound like natural English to -- it sounds as bad to me as "my one".

Instead, just use "Worf's" or "mine".


Thank you mizinamo! You have helped me a lot with the German course too.

I'm not a native English speaker, so please forgive me when I pretend that my English is better than it actually is.

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