"Mereka tidak suka terung yang pedas."

Translation:They do not like spicy eggplants.

September 5, 2018

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Why does yang need to be in the sentence?


Why is brinjal wrong?


It should be accepted. Brinjal is used in South American English and Indian English. Try reporting it.


This should say, "They do not like spicy eggplant". The plural and singular form of eggplant is 'eggplant'.


according to dictionary, it suppose to be "terung" see https://kbbi.web.id/terong and https://kbbi.web.id/terung


little bit over some of these translations.


Usually my indonesian friends translate pedas as hot.


Yup, it could be the case in casual familiar conversation.

But in written language, it would be improper.

Hot could be "panas" or "pedas" Spicy = pedas.

In written formal language,

Saya ingin makan makanan yang pedas = I want to eat spicy food

Saya ingin makan makanan yang panas = I want to eat hot food


The plural of eggplant can be "eggplant," oddly.

[deactivated user]

    In Indo, they dont use the word twice everytime they want to denote a plural. That would be way too repetitive and unnecessary if the context is known already. Usually they use the word twice if they need to emphasize its a plural and theres more than one.


    i thought the 'yang' would specify these specific spicy eggplants rather than spicy eggplants in general, so why is the translation not 'they do not like the spicy eggplants'?

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