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List of words I have learned?

My homepage says I have learned 423 Spanish words. I wonder if I can see a list of those words? I feel like I have seen it before but now I can't find it. Perhaps no such list exists, but it would be nice if it did.

May 5, 2014



There used to be a section on Duolingo called Vocabulary, but it's gone now because of the new format. Hopefully it will come back. :(


They are supposed to come back sometime in the next month or two if everything goes well!!!


Yeah! I started when they didn't have it and really wanted Duo to have it. I looked around and found the answer! :) So looking forward to it coming back!!!


Oh no, well thanks for the reply :)


Your welcome :)


I had the same problem. I know it was there before. I'm glad to see it will come back.


yeah i have seen it before when i first got on and started to learn on here but came back after my very long vacation ( bout 8 months cuz of a lot of school!!) and it was gone but yeah cant wait for it again!!!!!


It's weird, I can see the "words" tab when I'm learning German, but it won't show up for Esperanto...


forget it, you're pulling a dead horse! (shout! Duo, prove me wrong!!!)

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