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  5. "A mulher usa um vestido."

"A mulher usa um vestido."

Translation:The woman wears a dress.

May 5, 2014



what is the difference between usa and veste?


Usar is more common in daily conversation. Clothing designers love to use the word vestir with the same meaning! :-)


They could be used with the same meaning if the person is currently with the clothes on. (In this case, usa is better, specially because of "veste um vestido"). "Está vestindo" works better than just "veste".

But when it's about the action of "putting" the clothes on, you would use only "vestir" (or colocar, botar, calçar for shoes)


Not allways when you are putting the clothes on. You can say them in whatever case.: Eu visto uma calça branca. Ela coloca uma calça branca. Nós usamos uma calça branca.

vestir, usar and colocar are the words they use the most..!


So many ways to say "wear"


Thats the beauty of our language.formal informal etc


is it WOMAN OR WOMEN . im learning English . im brazilian


its like (wo)man is singular and (wo)men is plural


Both words exist: "mulher" = "woman" and "mulheres" = "women".


Woman = 1 woman

Women = More than 1 woman


I know that now you know this words, I just want to practice my english too. woman mean one women mean more that one. plural. para a frente Isabelle


The Portuguese pronunciation of "usa" in the tip is wrong. It sounds like English and not Portuguese


I speak English Spanish and French, but I somehow have a hard time with the pronunciation of "vestido" I hear it as Vist yu


Think of it like "Ves chee doe." In Portuguese the letter T makes an odd sound so it sounds like a mixture between an English T and the English CH.

Like in the English word "catch." The tch is what the letter T sounds like in Portuguese.

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