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"Her cat dances better than your dog."

Translation:उसकी बिल्ली तुम्हारे कुत्ते से बेहतर नाचती है।

September 5, 2018



As defined by the Animal Dancing Committee


main hindi seekh rahi hoon kyonki main bhaarat janaa chahtee hoon


why is dog in the plural?


कुत्ते is in the singular oblique case because of the post-position से.


If she has a dancing cat, she should be rich.


At the least she should have a million followers on Youtube.


I tried this with अच्छी in place of बेहतर and was corrected to अच्छा, which left me confused about gender agreement.


Ah, the thing is that both अच्छा and बेहतर are used as adverbs in this sentence, and adverbs—to everyone's relief—do not have different forms for different genders.

यह बिल्ली अच्छी (adj) है। - This (she-)cat is good.
यह बिल्ला अच्छा (adj) है। - This (he-)cat is good.
यह बिल्ली अच्छा (adv) गाती है। - This (she-)cat sings well.
यह बिल्ला अच्छा (adv) गाता है। - This (he-)cat sings well.

Regarding the translation of "better" (both adjective and adverb), Hindi is more lenient than English. All of the following constructions are acceptable.

यह उससे अच्छा है। (Literally: This is good than that.)
यह उससे ज़्यादा अच्छा है। (This is more good than that.)
यह उससे बेहतर है। (This is better than that.)

"ज़्यादा बेहतर", however, is utterly obnoxious and should be avoided at all costs. ;)


Thanks for clarifying! Hurrah for words that don't decline!

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