"Umurku sepuluh tahun."

Translation:I am ten years old.

September 5, 2018

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Literal translation: "My age is ten years"


Why not "umur saya"?

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    "Umurku" and "Umur saya" are the same. "Saya" is used during formal occasions.


    Glad to have the clarity that "Umurku" literally means my age and fits with possessives.


    Cause umur saya is my age example like umur saya sepuluh tahun


    I'm quite sure that most American ten-year-olds would just say, "I'm ten."


    They might even say 'ten'. But then again, they might not use duolingo much.


    I write : umurku 10 tahun, and it says I'm wrong...


    maybe we must using "sepuluh" not using number lik "10"


    Umur being age and ku mean aku correct? So my age is 10 years old


    Thats what i was thinking as well... Some of the contractions here are difficult but they make more sense when you can breakdown he words like you have


    Should "I'm ten" be accepted? Same meaning though very casual sounding. The Russian course allows both when translating such statements about age.


    Should "I'm ten" be accepted? Same meaning though very casual sounding.

    "I'm ten" = "Saya sepuluh"

    Hmmm...okay, it's very casual, but it can work.
    I'll have to guess the unit of measurement (years), but I'll probably understand what it means when a ten year old child says something like that to me.
    So, yes, it has the same meaning.

    However it has a totally different structure than the Indonesian sentence.
    The current official English translation also has a different structure than the Indonesian sentence.
    To be honest, I don't really agree with the current translation to start with.
    I also don't understand why it's translated like this.

    "Umurku sepuluh tahun."
    Translation:I am ten years old.

    'Umurku' = 'my age'
    'sepuluh tahun' = 'ten years'

    'Umurku sepuluh tahun' = 'My age is ten years'

    'My age is ten years' is the literal meaning.
    It's correct English as far as I know, but it's rejected as a correct answer.
    It's currently translated as 'I am ten years old'.
    The translators are taking a shortcut to a more natural sounding translation.
    It has the same meaning, but a totally different structure than a more direct (more literal) translation.

    I don't know why they don't use a more direct (more literal) translation.
    They're mixing up different sentence structures.
    Considering that this sentences is from the skill "Possessives', it's bizar that the translators took this shortcut.
    The possessive is not being translated at all, and is totally avoided by using a different structure in the translation.

    The current English translation, translated back into Indonesian will give a totally different sentence (with the same meaning, though):

    'I am ten years old' = 'Saya berumur sepuluh tahun'
    'I am ten years' = 'Saya berumur sepuluh tahun'
    'I am ten' = 'Saya sepuluh'

    So, your suggested translation 'I'm ten' can work in English.
    However, if this sentence is translated back into Indonesian, it doesn't work that well, because it lacks the unit of measurement.

    You can report it.
    I'm wondering if it's going to be accepted.

    I already reported the following alternatives :

    I am ten years. = not accepted, reported
    My age is ten years. = not accepted, reported

    Sorry if all of this sounds like a rant, it's not meant like that.


    "My age is ten years" is a POSSIBLE sentence in English, sure. But no one would ever say it that way. Especially not a ten-year-old :-P


    I think the point is more that when asked "berapa umur kamu"/ "how old are you", you could just reply "ten" in english, but are we able to so the same in Indonesian?


    "Umurku sepuluh tahun."
    Translation:I am ten years old.

    My age is ten years. = not accepted, reported

    My age is ten = accepted as a correct answer


    So I'm wondering what practical difference, if any, there is in saying the two following sentences (1) "Saya berusia sepuluh tahun" (2) "Umurku sepuluh tahun" I don't believe this was brought up in forum but if it was, apologies in advance for the repeat. Terimakasih!

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