"Suratnya tidak berlaku di sini."

Translation:His letter does not apply here.

September 5, 2018

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What does this even mean in English?


What does this even mean in English?

The Indonesian sentence means something like "His letter is not valid here".


Makes sense but why isn't THAT accepted?


It is now, I believe.


But that is a nonsense sentence in English. You don’t write an “invalid”letter to someone lol!

A correct translation would be, “His card is not valid here.” (Referring to a membership card etc being invalid at a particular place)

The Indonesian word surat has an extended meaning that the English word “letter” does not have. The KBBI dictionary gives this second meaning as:

2: secarik kertas dsb sbg tanda atau keterangan; kartu: surat tanda anggota;

Which translates as:

2: pieces of paper etc. that signify or describe something; a card: a letter denoting membership;


I am very confused by this question/answer does surat have a broader meaning than "letter" does it mean official document or similar?? or is the confusion about the use of the word apply ?? My only understanding of "does not apply here" would be about some kind of rule or law ? eg " Australian law does not apply here"


You are right to be confused and it’s bad that Duolingo has done nothing to fix their translation error in 2 years.

“Surat” can mean a “membership card” or similar. See above.


makes me think of around-Renaissance times, where a letter could be a patent from royalty or high powers for something, like passage or whatnot


i'm sorry but why are we learning 3 different ways to say "meet" and learning how to say "apply" but we're not learning "little" and "good"??


Little = Kecil, Good = Bagus.


Verbs, verbs and verbs first. Verbs make the whole thing moving, they will make our language more Hemingway-ish. Then move on to the adjectives skill...

EDIT: Sorry I was joking, but it really was motivating to struggle one’s way through an ocean of baseverbs, ber-verbs and mem-verbs, while all the adjectives were somewhere far ahead, as a reward


Too many verbs indeed!


There seems to be a fundamental mistranslation at the heart of this strange sentence. The word “surat” has an extended meaning in Indonesian that “letter” doesn’t have in English. It’s only in this extended sense that “apply” makes sense here. For example:

“surat keterangan” = a statement or certificate, like an account statement, or certificate of achievement. “surat keterangan sehat” = certificate of health. “Surat akta” = a deed (in the legal sense). “Surat beruang” = tradable securities (in the financial system).

So in this sort of context “Suratnya tidak berlaku di sini.” begins to make sense when “berlaku” is translated as “apply or valid” and “Surat” is translated as a certificate or written instrument of some sort - but NOT AS JUST “LETTER”. For example, “His certificate does not apply here.” “Her statement is not valid here.”


Another example is Surat Izin Mengemudi is a drivers license.


Her letter is not valid here seems like another acceptable response.


seems even a better translation


It's my understanding that "suratnya" could also be translated as "the letter." Is that correct?


This is kind of confusing, 'nya' cannot be always 'the' or 'her/his'. My friend said this to me.


I cannot wait to use this


His letter is not accepted here - was not considered correct. I though that berlaku could mean accepted also. Is this wrong?


“His letter does not COUNT here.”


Why is, "That letter is not valid here." not accepted?


Also marked wrong for using the "valid" translation for berlaku. I needed the heart to continue...÷(

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