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  5. "Co tady dělá ta liška?"

"Co tady dělá ta liška?"

Translation:What is that fox doing here?

September 5, 2018



Interesting word order


If you find word order interesting, you are going to love learning Czech! :-)


I really do! Some of the word orders or how certain things are said sound poetic, sometimes archaic when I translate them as close as possible into german and I really love that about learning czech


Just a small note, it seems as though the translation by clicking on the words in the app could be seperated more and still make sense. If I'm understanding it correctly, "What doing here that fox?" (Obviously incorrect word order in English but what I'm trying to say is each word has a direct translation, not just the sentence as a whole.) ... if that makes any sense. =)


I do not understand. You must compose a valid sentence, no matter if it is the word bank or you write it.


Sorry. I was referring to the hints for the words not the actual answer to the question. When you click on a single word for a hint it gives you the entire sentence in this exercise. I didn't know if it could be translated word by word. When I use the app I find it helpful when I forget the meaning of a single word to be able to get the hint on that one word rather than the entire sentence. I wasn't sure if this was something you guys could edit or not. Again, not a huge deal but it could help people with a similar learning style as me. Thanks.

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