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"Du bist praktisch meine Schwester."

Translation:You are practically my sister.

March 30, 2013




is the translation really "practically"? Is it not "practical"?


It is probably because there is no address to the sister as the address would be separated by a comma


Praktisch can mean both practically and practical depending on the context. Same with words like definitiv and komplett - they can be used as adverbs


Can be the both depending on the context... at least i think so. haha


Practical is an adjective. "You're practical my sister" isn't a grammatically correct sentence. If we were to use it as an adjective, it would be "You're my practical sister" in English and "Du bist meine praktische Schwester" in German. Adjectival phrases are built as "determiner + adjective + noun" in both languages. So, you can assume it's an adverb if you saw it before a determiner like mein, ein, der, dies in German and my, an, the, this in English.


Du bist praktisch meine Schwester. You are virtually my sister. (nominative) Du bist praktisch, meine Schwester. You are practical, (my) sister. (vocative)

What a difference a comma makes.


Yeah, I had the listening exercise, and I thought I heard a pause. Hence, I put a comma between "praktisch" and "meine." xD Luckily for me, Duo still counted it as correct.


Hushhhhh. Only step-sister


Ew, that's gross, you're my stepsister!


I am not sure I got the idea here :)


I understand the English answer to be synonymous with "You are, to all intents and purposes, my sister" or "You are virtually my sister" (which was not accepted as correct). Is this also true of the original German sentence?


How confusing that practical and practically are the same word...


German never discriminates between adjectives and adverbs. That's why Germans learning English often don't know when to put a "-ly" ending to a word. Even "good" and "well" are both "gut" in German.

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