"Ini gereja Katolik, itu gereja Kristen."

Translation:This is a Catholic church, that is a Protestant church.

September 5, 2018

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I think in this context the correct translation for "Kristen" would be "Protestant", as it is only in the Indonesian language that Catholics and "Kristen" are signifying different groups.


You would be surprised how many young Americans would make the same distinction. I was once teaching a medieval cultural history course and was asked by a student about two thirds of the way through the course whether we would ever read any Christian texts. We had read not only canon law, scholastic quaestiones, and saints' lives, but even some selections from the New Testament.


wow, i would not have thought that, but I guess it is mostly ignorance from the students' parts while the distinction is official in the Indonesian language


Religion is not something they encounter in school, and theology is something most of the churches now avoid teaching as well, so I can't really blame them.


I've spoken to evangelical Christians in Australia with the same opinion, but they are coming from a place of cynicism rather than ignorance, believing that Catholicism is not true Christianity.

I disagree and in the context of this sentence, agree that "that is a protestant church" should be the preferred translation, but "...christian church" should continue to be accepted.


Wiktionary just defines Kristen as “Christian,” does Kristen really mean “Protestant”?


No, "Protestan" is Protestant. "Kristen" is Christian. It's just that in Indonesia, Catholicism and (Protestant) Christianity are considered two different religions.


Well, then it is talking about Protestantism rather than Christianity, which most certsinly includes Catholicism. If you are translating into English, you should use the proper English term.


To my knowledge, when you sign up for a KTP (National Id card) you have to provide a religion, and "Kristen" is what all Protestants will use, not "Protestan". "Kristen" is the official term for that religion.


I'm confused. As long as the Indonesian word is "Kristen", shouldn't the English translation be "Christian"? Regardless of the context?


Certainly not if it is opposed to Catholic, since Catholic is a denomination of Christian.


Context is extremely important in translation. It's an art, not a science.


Yes, every lesson states Kristen = Christian. Now suddenly its Wrong & it has to be Protestant?? Tsk...

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